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We offer presentations to school to educate students on all aspects of anger including healthy and destructive anger. More and more, we are realizing that … Prisons
There are 6 million people under supervision: incarcerated, or on probation, or on parole. There are 2 million in prison. The US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, except possibly for China. Most of the people there are average people, and are good to work with Hospitals
Because of the stress inherent in working within hospitals, accompanied by the demands of patients, anger management training is considered ideal and beneficial. We will develop customized workshops to deal with the unique issues of a medical setting. Churches
When there is conflict within the church, this can be detrimental. As specialists in anger management, conflict resolutions, we are called upon only for the period of time to address the problems causing the conflict. In addition, we provide expertise, skill, and experience to successfully guide your church through this difficult moment.

“I have changed employers five times in the last 3 years because I couldn’t stand to have supervisors telling me what to do. We just didn’t get along. My wife finally convinced me to do something about my temper and she found a course for me. At first I didn’t think I needed it, but now I am glad I went. I am learning how to abstain from the kind of behaviors that used to cause me problems. Now, I think I can hold on to this job for a long time.”


"I have found a most peaceful state of mind. My anger, while not completely gone, has subsided very much. My fears about failing health and having to contend with the problems of a chronically ill wife are much easier to handle."

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